Courtesy Pay

Unforeseen financial events can occur at any time. That's why we provide options to keep you covered. One such option is Courtesy Pay.

  • With Courtesy Pay, Mesquite Credit Union will cover the amount of a check or debit card transaction, should your account be unexpectedly overdrawn.
  • Courtesy Pay is available 90 days after a share draft (checking account) has been opened and active.
  • Mesquite Credit Union will normally pay overdrafts within the courtesy pay limits, but payment is a discretionary courtesy not an obligation. This privilege has a maximum limited amount and any and all fees/charges will be included as a part of this amount.

See fee schedule for accidental overdraft protection.

Debt Counseling Services

Mesquite Credit Union offers counseling for heavy overdraft users through Green Path Debt Solutions. You may contact Green Path at the link below to see if you qualify for any other program or solutions. Green Path will work with heavy users of the overdraft program to provide money management techniques to avoid frequent overdrafts. The debt counseling service is free to you as a Credit Union Member.