Online Bill Pay Terms and Conditions

Bill Payment Service.

The Bill Payment Service allows a user to make prearranged bill payments to third parties. You may set up your own personal database of payees and establish one-time or recurring monthly payments. When you add payees to the Bill Payment Service, you must enter your account number with the payee and the payment address exactly as they appear on your payment stub or invoice. Bill payments may be made from your Checking Account only. You may not make bill payments to tax entities, collection agencies, pursuant to court-orders (for example, court-ordered payments such as alimony, child support, and traffic tickets), payees outside the United States, or to other categories of payees we may establish from time to time. Payments to payees with an Armed Forces postal code (such as AE and AP), to settle securities transactions, to payoff special financing transactions, and unprocessed payments due to debit failures are not prohibited, but are not subject to the guarantee set forth below.We reserve the right to refuse to pay any payee to whom you direct a payment. If we decide to refuse a payee, we will notify you within three business days following the payment Processing Date except in the case of payees that are prohibited from receiving payment as set forth in this paragraph. The term “Processing Date” as used in this Agreement is defined as the date you designate for payment (or the next business day if you schedule a payment to occur after our 2 p.m. cutoff time or on a weekend or a holiday). All payments are made in U.S. dollars only.

By providing the Services with the names and account information of those persons or entities to whom you wish to direct payment, you authorize the Services to follow the payment instructions that it receives from you. When the Services receive a payment instruction from you, you authorize the Services to debit your Checking Account on the Processing Date. Sufficient funds must be available in your Checking Account on the Processing Date or the payment may not be made. You are responsible for scheduling payments to arrive to the designated payee by their due date. You acknowledge and agree that you must schedule each Processing Date to occur at least five business days before the payment due date if the payment is to be made by check, and at least two business days before the payment due date if the payment is to be made electronically. Your personal payee list will show whether a payee will receive payment by check or has agreed to receive payments electronically. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you authorize us and any third party acting on our behalf to choose the most effective method to process your payment or transfer, including without limitation, electronic, paper, or some other means of payment. For each properly instructed payment, you will receive a transaction confirmation number.

We will process a bill payment on the Processing Date you have designated if we receive your instructions before 2 p.m. central time on a business day we are open. If we receive your instructions after that time or on a weekend or a holiday, we will process the payment on our next business day. If you schedule a bill payment for a future date, we will process the transaction after 2 p.m. Central time on the day you have designated, if that day is a business day. If the Processing Date you have designated is not a business day, then the Processing Date will be the next business day.

Unless you receive a confirmation number, we are not liable for:

Any failure to make a payment, including any finance charges or late fees incurred as a result. It is also important that you schedule the processing date by the time periods prescribed above since the time for the payee to receive your payment may vary according to the particular payee. You must become familiar with the payment processing time for each payee and allow the appropriate number of business days between the processing date and the payment due date subject to the limitations in this agreement. If youfollow the procedures for payments as described herein and you are assessed a late charge or finance charges we will pay the payee for those charges. You authorize the payee to release your account payment and fee information to us for the purpose of fulfilling our payment guarantee. In the event that you do not adhere to the obligations set forth in this agreement, including scheduling a payment by the required number of business days before the due date according to the payment method, then we do not guarantee timely payment. In such a case, you will bear full responsibilityfor all late fees and finance charges, and we will not be liable for any such fees and charges. This disclaimer of liability, however, does not preclude us from working to resolve these types of issues when they arise. Ifrequired, we will be responsible for providing provisional credit while investigation is underway.

If we are unable to process a scheduled payment request through the Bill Payment Service, such as for insufficient funds in the designated Account, the transaction will result in a “Failed Payment.” Failed payments will not affect other scheduled payments.

Fees. If you have requested and been approved for the Bill Pay Service and you have no bill payment transactions during a statement period, you will be assessed a Bill Pay Non-Usage Fee of $6.50 for each month in which there is no bill payment activity. You authorize us to automatically deduct this fee from your Checking Account each time it is assessed.In the event that funds in your Checking Account are not available, you authorize us to effect automatic payment from any Account on which you are an owner. You must follow the procedures set forth above if you wish to cancel your access to the Services. By using the Services, you may also incur applicable fees as set forth in our Truth-in-Savings Fee Schedule. Pricing for all fees associated with the Services is subject to change.