Legislative Update

When legislation or bankers' lawsuits attack any credit union, it's an attack on all credit unions. Your Credit Union proudly protects members' right to join and participate in their not-for-profit financial cooperative. 

Customer Identification Procedures

Upon opening a new account all account owners must be identified to meet requirements of the USA Patriot Act.

The following steps must be completed prior to account opening:
1. All account owners must be identified by a government issued identification card that has a photograph. Acceptable forms include driver’s license card, Texas identification card, passport and military ID.
2. A secondary form of identification is required. Acceptable forms include social security card.
3. A signature card must be completed, signed, and dated. All owners of the account must sign and date the card. A thumbprint of all account owners will be placed on the card.
4. Member service representatives will run an E-Funds ID verification check on all account owners. The following attachment summarizes all the verification checks performed by E-Funds.

Should any account owner fail the verification checks, they will not be able to remain on the account. 

Field of Membership

Every credit union has what is called a "Field of Membership." A credit union is permitted to accept as members only those people who are in the Field of Membership. Mesquite Credit Union's Field of Membership is stated below.

Benefits of Membership

Founded on the basic democratic premise of the cooperative movement, credit unions believe that access to low-cost financial services is critical to the health and stability of ordinary citizens.



The Field of Membership shall be limited to those having the following common bond:

Anyone who lives or works in the City Limits of Mesquite, selective employee groups located in the cities of Sunnyvale and Balch Springs, and anyone who is a relative of an existing member may join the CU.

Groups of employees or members of companies or associations which are located within ten miles of this CU's main office or any additional office and which have furnished written evidence of sponsor support to the credit union; provided, however, that (1) any group having more than 300 employees or 500 members of (2) any groups already being served as primary members of another credit union shall be admitted only by an amendment which specifically names the group being admitted.

MCU Sponsor Companies

  • ABC Doors of Dallas
  • Adell Corporation
  • Associated Air & Appliance
  • Asthma & Lung Specialists
  • Baker Drywall
  • City of Balch Springs
  • City of Mesquite
  • Dallas Athletic Club
  • Glen Thurman Incorporated
  • Identification Plates
  • JSCS, Enterprises
  • McDonald's Food Service
  • Medical Center of Mesquite
  • N. Texas Neurological Center
  • Numo Manufacturing
  • Paragon Industries
  • Power Maintenance
  • Refrigerated Specialist Inc.
  • Reliable Plumbing
  • Skyline Ford
  • Stevens Transport
  • T&L Plumbing
  • Telefones Plus
  • Tiseo Paving Company
  • Total Plumbing
  • Town of Sunnyvale
  • Town East Ford
  • Triange Plastering
  • Urban Fire Protection


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